Milan Ilnyckyj photography

photo by Sally Wong
photo by Sally Wong

I am an experienced commercial photographer, based in downtown Toronto. I specialize in portraits – both in the context of events and in individual and group sessions – but I have undertaken photographic projects ranging from weddings and baby showers to academic conferences, political protests, and the documentation of valuable medieval manuscripts.

My work is in a photojournalistic style, with a small amount of top-quality equipment and a correspondingly low level of inconvenience and expense.


I charge by the hour for shooting and post-processing. Post-processing generally takes the same amount of time as shooting, and my rates start at $60/hour. This does not include the cost of travel or extra expenses, like rental of specialized gear. I provide high-quality digital files suitable for making prints or use online.

For wedding ceremonies and receptions my rate begins at $150/hour because of the extra expenses and stress involved. My approach and equipment aren’t always compatible with desires for large and elaborately-lit group photos, but I am happy to work in teams with other photographers. Similarly, I don’t do video, but am happy to work alongside someone who does.

I am willing to negotiate lower rates and collaborations with artists and performers.


Have you invested in a shiny digital SLR or a point and shoot camera with nice manual features? Whether you don’t know anything about shutter speeds and aperture or you have lots of personal experience and are looking for some professional guidance, I am pleased to teach photography lessons.

These include:

  • An introduction to your camera and key photographic concepts
  • Building a camera system — bodies, lenses, flashes, and more
  • Working on location — portraits
  • Working on location — architecture and still life
  • Advanced digital technique — why white balance is a superpower (working with RAW files)
  • Advanced portraiture — working with radio-triggered flashes

Lessons are $60/hour and can be held anywhere accessible by the TTC. On-location lessons are a great way to practice working in realistic conditions.


For a quote, please contact me at or (multiply them together)