I provide a specialized wedding photography service.

You could choose to go all-out and hire a team of photographers and videographers to document every second of your wedding. This will be expensive and they will get in your way.

You could choose to hire an amateur, or ask a friend to photograph the wedding. That might work out great, but you can’t have real confidence that you will end up with professional-quality photos of the event.

I can be competitive on price for weddings in the GTA. My approach is unobtrusive and won’t interfere with your experience of the day. Finally, I will guarantee the quality of my work. I have two of every essential piece of equipment, and I will put in the time and effort to make sure that you get results that you are happy with.

You can see my portfolio at:

My wedding rate starts at $150 per hour, because of the special equipment and stress issues involved with weddings. That includes time spent post-processing: typically one hour per hour of shooting.

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